Real Life Learning Experiences and Lasting Memories

As a teacher, I used baking in my fourth-grade class to teach math, literacy, science, history, and even geography. Each class of students looked forward to reading Charlotte’s Web and creating their own version of Mrs. Zuckerman’s pie. We’d carefully measure the ingredients while talking about fractions, discuss the chemistry involved with adding corn starch to thicken the filling as well as the baking process itself, create our own versions of the recipe, discuss where and how blueberries grown, and looked at the history of pie making in the US. That one chapter in the book became a huge lesson inspiration that my students remembered well after they left my classroom.

The Fortune Cookie recipes easily lend themselves to similar lessons. Each month your toolkit will include an authentic learning experience, such as reading and modernizing George Washington’s favorite cookie recipe, discussing fractions using chocolate chips, exploring the routes of the spice trades, and looking into the differences between baking powder and baking soda.

A big part of the Fortune Cookie story is sharing the cookies with your community. I have yet to meet a fire department that would turn down cookies, or a library that wouldn’t be thrilled to put out a sweet treat in the break room! As you share with the community, your children learn about the services and people that keep your community safe and provide valuable services.

We know you’ll have plenty of great ideas, too, and encourage you to share pictures of your family creating, learning, and exploring to our Facebook page!


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