Fortune Cookie gives you the tools to bake cookies and turn them into a marketing product by adding your business information. Pay your kids for being your marketing production team and invest their pay to save for their futures.

Fortune Cookie’s four-step process to create meaningful experiences and build savings.

Step 1

Bake the cookies while working through the authentic learning lesson. Package in the provided bags or boxes and decorate with labels, stickers and your company’s logo. The cookies are now a marketing tool for your small business! Help your kids track their expenses and time using the ledger.

Step 2

Deliver the packaged cookies to groups and businesses in your community. Talk about your company to the community, and about the community to your kids!

Step 3

Pay your kids for their time baking, packaging, and delivering the cookies, using a receipt to keep track of payment. Help them enter their pay in the ledger.

Step 4

Invest their income in a Roth IRA. If you need help setting up a Roth IRA for your child, talk with your financial adviser or visit your local bank or credit union.


We would love to help you to better understand how Fortune Cookie works.